Furniture Production

Furniture Production
01/01/1970 08:00 AM Lượt xem

    1. Sourcing & Developing

    In Vietnam, our teams travel through our “S” shaped land to find the best manufacturers where can make the best products, keeping you up to date with market trends in the furniture industry. We can manage your entire buying operation with being completely transparent about the entire process start to finish.

    2. Manufacturing

    On site production and quality control by experienced QC team.

    3. QC service

    We also can provide only QC service. With over 15 years working experience in furniture industry, our QC team on behalf of you will care the quality of products before shipment. You don’t have to worry about how the factory can control the quality throught production lines.

    4. Product Design

    Our in-house design team can create and develop new designs from your inspirations and specifications of cost, quality and brand standard.

     With a wealth of experience: from buying to product design, development and manufacturing. We're always happy to talk about furniture